Planet Pinky (Puppet Show)

A Collaboration with DAWN (Developing Alternatives for Women in New Communities)


A puppet show created by kids from new communities

Once a month, we've been working with young girls and boys at Patterson Community Center on creating an original puppet show entitled Planet Pinky. The kids build craft items to encourage more interaction at each performance.

Planet Pinky is about a group of aliens who have to leave their home planet because of civil war. They travel to Earth and meet a group of young women who have to decide how they will treat the aliens. Each performance will be interactive with the audience members -- allowing them to make decisions about how the story will go.

The project is in partnership with Developing Alternatives for Women in New Communities (DAWN). DAWN is an organization that aims at providing a supportive atmosphere for economic growth by enhancing existing skills and developing new skills in order to increase self-confidence, awareness of community resources, mainstreaming, earning capacity in women.