My North Hill

Gum-Dip Theatre is seeking 4 actors / theatre makers to collaborate on a short, physical theatre piece based on My North Hill story circles. Actors of all experience, background, and cultures are encouraged to fill out interest form below. The casting priority is to hire four actors of different identities to attempt a representation of the ethnic and racial diversity in North Hill.

Read below for more details about the project:

My North Hill will be a tréteau or “platform” play that condenses the action to one small stage (4’ x 8’). The script was created from transcripts of four story circles conducted with the International Institute at the Exchange House designed to create conversation through sharing stories of personal experience in order to more effectively manage racial tension and celebrate ethnic diversity. In the next year, a book will be published that hilights excerpts from the transcriptions of the story circles and demonstrates the process and play production.

The questions asked throughout the four story circles included:

  • What’s the oldest thing in your home that you can hold in your hand?
  • Describe a time or moment when you were proud of your community in the past.
  • If you had a time machine, what year would you go back to and why?
  • Write down what you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch in North Hill.
  • Share a moment or a story of when you were proud of North Hill.
  • Share a moment or a story of when you felt shame or embarrassment.
  • Share a moment or story of when you noticed progress in North Hill.
  • What it something you’d never want to change in your community?
  • On large sticky paper, create the North Hill you want to see in the year 2100.
  • Why do you live and stay in your town? What would make you leave?
  • Share a moment or a story of when you had a turning point in your life. When you had to make a major decision.

The production

My North Hill will run less than 25 minutes and is intended to be a flexible, adaptable piece that can be presented in any location. There will be an estimate of 10 performances for different organizations, groups, and events. The goal is to reach as many populations in North Hill as possible, while continuing the conversations started by the story circles. Each performance will be followed by a brief QnA session that will be facilitated by various leaders and artists.


The rehearsal schedule is tentative depending on actors’ availability. Most rehearsals will be held in North Hill. 

The compensation

Actors will receive a $250 stipend after attending all rehearsals.  An additional $25 will paid per performance. There will be about 10 total performances throughout September, October, and November.

My North Hill Actor Interest Form

Please fill out by Saturday, August 11.

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Check all of the dates that you are available for rehearsal. Most will be held in the evening.
Please share about any experience you have in performance (acting, dancing, singing, instruments). My North Hill will be physical theatre, so any experience in movement will be noted.