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Gum-Dip Theatre's mission is to celebrate, challenge, and invent community identity in the Rust Belt. Through neighborhood story circles and PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN theatrical performances, we aim to enhance civic engagement and participation.


Gum-Dip Theatre's process is focused on community building through socially engaged performance. GDT facilitates story circles to generate material for an original play. The community is involved in every step of the process to create productions that are a source for reflection and connection.

What does "Gum-Dip" mean?

Gum dipping was a tire process used by the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. They dipped all the cords and fibers in rubber gum before making the plies of the tire. Gum dipping a tire made it blowout-proof.

As gum dipping is to a tire, we hope to strengthen community through our own process. Gum-Dip Theatre also reclaims the name as a nod to the industrial history of the Rust Belt.